Sensual Thai Massage by Pam
Sensual Thai Massage by Pam

My massages

  • Body to Body Oil Massage

A full body massage is a great and special way to treat yourself. It helps to relax, treat muscle pains and give an overall peaceful and healed feeling. The combination of seduction & relaxation of this treatment bring you a wonderland feeling. The increase of hormones and improvement of your blood circulation has severe health benefits (with / without oil).


A full body massage can be beneficial for people of all walks of life. It treats tiredness, stress, muscle pains, and helps the overall mental and physical health. At Covent Garden Massage, our experienced masseuse will use techniques like kneading, rubbing and stroking to release the tension in every part of the clients’ body. The techniques come from several types of massage like Swedish, Chinese, Thai, Tantric massage, etc. The combination of massage techniques performed in a relaxing and comfortable environment interact to give the client the relaxing treatment they need.


  • Four Hands Massage

Can you imagine… Two beautiful masseuses corresponding in time and movement, four soft hands caressing every part of your body.

They will lead you slowly and gently to an explosive orgasm of relaxation. The massage will be hot and soft you will be dreamy after this massage.


  • Tantric Massage

The masseuse will begins to relax the muscles of your entire body. Then she will cover you of oil and the massage will become progressively more sensual.

Our beautiful masseuse will be brought you up to the point of orgasm and back several times. You will be very relax and she will give you the ultimate relaxation.


  • Prostate Massage

Your succulent masseuse will increase the desire and excitement of your massage by gently stimulating your sacred area.


This massage can help you also to dissipate your emotional and physical stress.


  • Thai massage

Thai massage offer the ultimate luxury: a private Thai massage in London. Our Thai masseuses are friendly, experienced and very sexy. Let our Thai massage relax you and enjoy a Thai massage in London from the best in the business.


  • Asian massage

The next time you’re in London and looking for a woman to relax and seduce you, make an appointment with one of our Asian massage . Each of our Masseuses is young and beautiful so you can enjoy her work as well as her charm.


  • Oriental massage

Oriental massage are charming, trustworthy and beautiful. If you wish to book an Oriental massage in London then simply get in touch and we’ll find the right Oriental massage masseuses for you.

Don’t let the city get you down, give yourself something to look forward to by booking a sexy massage in London. This city has some of the best massage practitioners in the world and our girls are experts in the art of sexy London massage.


  • Asian massage in London

If you are interested in spending time with women from Asia without having to go abroad then why not book an Asian massage in London? Asian women are polite and professional as well as highly skilled, so when you book an Asian massage in London you can simply relax and enjoy yourself.


  • Thai massage in London

Thai massage in London is popular because it focuses on both body and mind. When you’re feeling stressed out or in need of some tenderness a Thai massage in London could be just what you’re looking for.


  • Erotic massage in London

For the ultimate erotic massage in London look no further. We offer a sensual and stimulating experience in the very capable hands of our beautiful young masseuses. If you wish to turn fantasy into reality we recommend an erotic massage in London.


  • Soapy Massage

We are offering you an amazing soapy massage, with a gorgeous Oriental babe, who’s offering an outstanding soapy hand job in the shower!


If there is one thing in life that every man should experience, this is it. The Thai Soapy Massage is simply one of the most memorable sexual experiences you’ll have in your lifetime.

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